Shapes of men rings- Which one is popular?

Among all Damascus steel rings men, we have seen many and variety of shapes now. Steel rings for men are available in unusual shapes like that of in heart shape or in pear shape as well. Shapes are one of the noticeable things in ring category. Though factor of shapes does not come in four Cs which are carat weight and color as well as clarity and cut while evaluating any kind of ring. But the shape is an additional factor which should be considered by all men if they are buying rings for themselves.

Different shapes present in men rings category section

Any of the Damascus mens ring, be it a diamond ring or a steel ring, its shape and appearance matter more. Many of the diamond rings are available in round shapes, square shape and too in cushion shape. You can have rectangularly shaped rings,  heart-shaped or be it pear-shaped and oval shaped rings.

Popular Ring shapes

Among these Damascus steel ring men, this round shape is considered as one of the brilliant diamond ring shapes. In round shape, least amount of crystal gets lost. These round and prince shapes are currently the most popular ring shapes for men. The reason for their popularity is that they easily reflect light.

Other Exclusive Ring Shapes

Though each one of us has come across and known about common ring shapes for men what about other virtually an unknown ring shapes which few of the people know about them! These ring shapes are still kept exclusive right by their owners. Suppose we have this ring shape of form of Jupiter, this cut has five sides. Then a ring cut available in Hexagon shape or in Half Dutch Rose cut, it has six sides. If any man wants to get a ring in bead cut looks then that ring will be in a disco ball form. Some other unusual men ring shapes are The Tulip and Bullet as well as Boat Shaped Rose and too Genesis star, and Fan.

Choose that ring that complements and praise your hands

  • Always consider the shape factor before you finalize a ring because shape factor will tell you that how the ring will look on your fingers. If you have shorter fingers then you should get elongated style rings like available in pear style, oval style, marquise style. Men having short fingers should avoid wearing wide bands.
  • If you have long fingers then square shaped rings are best for you. If any guy has larger hands then he should avoid wearing slender and delicate rings. This heart shaped and round shaped rings are recommended for men having larger fingers.

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