15 Important Questions to Ask The Qualified In Senior Care Providers

Laid out are some of the most common and pertinent questions that need to check the suitability of a care provider to a particular need.qualified in senior care providers

  1. Is the care available 24 x 7 and all days in a year? There is no such thing as an off day when it comes to looking after a person with special needs as Alzheimer care is concerned.
  2. What contingency plans are in place to handle emergencies and situations that demand an extra attention? With the old and infirm, there cannot be something like too much attention.
  3. Are the financial aspects and dealings explained to the customer well in advance and a clear need to a particular situation properly explained?
  4. Is sufficient attention paid to any special need of any particular patient and not just a blanket coverage given at best of times by the qualified in senior care providers?


  1. Are issue that crop up taken up without delay or is it the normal practice to wait till things reach a crisis point?
  2. Does the care provider handle criticisms well and in true professional manner?
  3. Are proper records kept and maintained that makes easy references and look out points even for cases like Alzheimer care?
  4. Are the relations and near and dear kept in the loop regarding any treatment plans or developments that arise in their conditions from time to time?
  5. Are therapists and treatment specialists used that understand not just the field alone but do possess the necessary expertise in dealing with the needs of old people?
  6. Does the agency conduct periodic up gradation of skills and qualifications of its personnel? Or is it that the skill sets remain stagnant over time and is not up to date.
  7. Is an enquiry for references met with stone walling tactics or given freely to any one that bothers to ask for it by the qualified in senior care providers?
  8. Does the facility in question get covered by the insurance company in use by the patient? This is an important aspect to start of use of any facility and must be heeded to at all times.
  9. Is it the practice to have a flyer or brochure that would cover all the major aspects to the care needed? With most operators they do have a practice to hide under privacy clauses and such things that in the final say lets out the least about the working of a care center.
  10. What do they say when an enquiry is made on the cost estimates? It is often the better run organizations that can be as transparent as possible on this count. There is always a need to maintain a certain amount of privacy and confidentiality but overdoing it should be looked out for.qualified in senior care providers
  11. Is the care giver in question having a website that can be assessed in quick time and a particular focus to answering questions or queries left on the website? It would help to focus on the reviews given and a particular attention paid to the manner in which the criticisms are particularly handled.

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