Common Methods Of Transcript Evaluation

As is the usual case with the preparation of academic transcript, each institution and establishment has their ways of evaluation.  Thus a methods or ways of transcript evaluation that is made independent of the method to mirror the ability and quality of training be devised.

transcript evaluationObjective transcript evaluation

Over the years there have come about some accepted norms and methods for evaluating transcripts and academic reports.  However experience is never to be belittled and however brilliant the academic performance it is not a substitute for exposure in a field.

  • Peer comparison: This could be one of the most used and one of the most reliable of transcript reporting. In this method, comparable scales of students that undergo the testing and evaluation in the home country is tabulated against the foreign student or the person being evaluated.  Someone who would have done a bachelor in science can be compared with an opposite student from a foreign country.  This gives the best comparison between systems under study.
  • Evaluation using tests: It is possible to compare two systems by asking two students of subjects to take a common test. This would allow the evaluators to compare the results and come to an equitable conclusion.  Tests like the GRE and GMAT aim at doing this.
  • Student exchanges: It is common practice for most institutions to partake in exchange programs of some kind or the other. This helps the host establishment as well as the visiting team to measure each other up and come to a good conclusion on the standards prevailing in each place.

Most third party evaluators use comparison studies than any of the mentioned methods.  This is mainly due to the large number of students that each has to handle that it makes it impractical to take a deeper approach.  The numerous years of experience that goes under the belt does make these professional accurate in a number of occasions.

The finer aspects of evaluation

There are a number of occasions when a more thorough assessment is required.  In this instance a more probing study of an institution is done.  Often teams from the evaluator body visits the concerned institution and a study that lasts up to six months or so are undertaken.  With the expense that such a detailed study would take ensures that only the very rare cases are treated so.

It is possible to come to a conclusion on the standards of a particular institution by looking over the faculty that is available.  The presence of noted experts and senior personnel would imply that the particular establishment does indeed have the proper facility and expertise in meeting the needs of most good student body.  The supporting facilities like the laboratories and library do contribute to the quality of any institution anywhere.

transcript evaluation


It is a good practice to have an evaluation done if only for the visibility that it provides.  It is also needed to attract a more varied student body as well.  Standing in most well accepted studies do to a large extent improve the student bodies of various institutions.