An addictive substance in the form or nicotine

Nicotine is a most addictive drug. It mainly contains in Cigarette. It absorbed in blood after seven seconds of inhaling. It affects the brain. It also affects the lungs and heart very badly. Nicotine affects the cardiovascular system. It is a colorless and oily compound. It is very strong poisons .They can be fatal if directly injects into a human. It is generated by plants. It works as protection, chemical for plants being eaten. It is widely used as an insecticide in past for plants. The use of nicotine has marginally gone on to increase over the years. It is a powerful addictive drug. Cigarette smoking is a physiological addiction.


Basically, Nicotine is a chemical substance. This exciting production of Neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It increases transmission of nerve impulse. Nicotine also improves memory and a stress buster. But regular use of nicotine is very dangerous. Some scientist believes that nicotine is as a similar to vitamin B3 and water-soluble vitamin. Cigarette is made using tobacco and tobacco contains nicotine. Which are very dangerous and fatal?  Nicotine and carbon monoxide i enter the body while smoking. It reduces the efficiency of doing work. A smoker has less stamina than a nonsmoker.

Intake of nicotine  addiction increases your blood pressure.  Heart attack chances also increase. Diabetes and lung cancer are also associated with intake of nicotine. Although a very less amount of nicotine enters.The body. Nicotine stays in the body for very less tenure. It is the reason why body demands another dose of nicotine.  Heavy metabolism and exercise also decrease the level of nicotine from the body.

Chewing and snorting tobacco releases more quantity of nicotine than smoking. Nicotine also makes pancreas to produce less insulin, which ultimately increases glucose in the body. It releases dopamine, which gives pleasure in the brain. Nicotine is highly addictive and following symptoms may occur if nicotine intake stopped.

There is a numerous number of side effects are associated with the use of nicotine.  Mainly it affects the circulation of blood. It helps to increase clotting tendency. It is also badly damaged and affects the brain. Dizziness irregular sleep is common side effects of nicotine. In then gastrointestinal system, also nicotine has numerous effects. A pregnant woman who smokes has tremendous risks in the development of the child.

Treatment to stop urge of nicotine is available in the market.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): Is available in skin patches, spray, inhalers, it basically suppresses the urge of smoking. It is a substitute for smoking but not nicotine.

To stop the urge of nicotine counseling and physiological support is best. These sections help to overcome nicotine dependency. It is all about the mindset to stop smoking.

To conclude the impact of nicotine would be something that creates ripples. It would be better to stay away from any product of the same. The harmful effects are there. So the message would be loud and clear. Do stay from it on all points of time.

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